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Lilian Roten
Vice President Swissôtel Brand


Swissôtel welcomes over 4.7 million guests each year, and as a global hotel operator we naturally consider ourselves a guest of the world. Sustainability is integrated into everything we do - it truly is the mind behind our brand. This is a critical statement, since a hotel structure usually requires a large quantity of resources, and is always strongly rooted in the community where it operates. That’s why our sustainability approach takes not only guests and the environment into consideration, but also local communities and our colleagues.

We believe that successful business management and corporate responsibility go hand in hand, so we integrate environmental, social and economic factors into all our decisions with regard to brand development, operations and management. While this report presents the brand strategy and focuses on its overall achievements, it shouldn’t hide the energy deployed by some of our 7400 colleagues, along with the multiple initiatives we have implemented. We will therefore also present in this document a large number of local stories – which may serve as good practices for the entire industry.

Our hotels are proudly applying sustainable practices to all their efforts, demonstrating transparency and accountability. Since 2009, all Swissôtel properties, including its corporate office and regional offices, have been ISO-certified in Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Management and Food Safety. In addition, Swissôtel is recognised for business excellence by the European Foundation for Quality Management - which goes beyond processes and standards and looks closely at innovation and leadership. This set of certifications makes up the backbone of our sustainability strategy, enabling us to run efficient and effective operations worldwide.

Our ultimate goal is to enable quality time for people who appreciate comfort, joy, and a connection to things that represent quality in their life. So we invite you to stay with us and discover something truly Swiss: peace of mind.

Thank you for taking the time to read up on our best practices and do share your feedback with us.


about the report

BieneThis update on sustainability at Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts covers the years 2012, 2013 and 2014. It is an update of the full Sustainability Report published in 2012 and highlights key focus areas of the brand. It is based on a materiality assessment conducted in 2015 in line with GRI reporting standards, industry best practices and emerging trends. Updated performance data from previous years is included to provide greater historical context. Several case studies and highlights are here to reflect the engagement of our local teams.

Performance data and KPIs are collected monthly and annually in our online performance management tool SERAM and are verified by both internal and external assessors. This update provides a fair and accurate representation of our sustainability performance.

Following corporate restructuring in 2013, Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts’ sustainable management practices are now embedded in the overall, companywide FRHI Hotels & Resort Corporate Social Responsibility programme. This parent brand hosts the brands Swissôtel, Fairmont and Raffles. In the future, FRHI will produce a sustainability report that includes activities and key performance indicators of all its brands, including Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts. The next sustainability report by FRHI Hotels & Resorts is scheduled for 2017.

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